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About College Farm

The mission of the College Farm Operation is to support the research, teaching, and extension efforts of the departments in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Vision Statement

The vision for the College Farm Operation is for it to grow into a truly outstanding university educational facility that meets the needs of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty as they discover new, science-based agricultural-related knowledge through research programs, relay that information to university students, and disseminate it across the commonwealth, the nation, and throughout the world. Further vision for the College Farm Operation:

  • Will function cost-effectively, with care toward providing responsible management of its natural resources as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences continues responsible stewardship of its land, its resources, and the environment.
  • Will continue as an integral part of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences teaching, research, and extension programs and activities.
  • Will continue to grow in its service to the university, Blacksburg, and the commonwealth.
  • Will become a visually beautiful facility with a well-organized appearance.


The College Farm Operation is composed of six tracts of land totaling 3,000 acres, all located in the Blacksburg area. The operation includes historic Kentland Farm which fronts the New River near the Whitethorne community in the northwestern part of Montgomery County, Virginia.

The operation provides resources and assistance to research, teaching and extension programs which focus on many of Virginia’s major agricultural crop and livestock species. Support is also provided to programs related to environmental concerns, sustainable agriculture, natural resources, alternative crops, and improved agricultural efficiencies.

Approximately 400 acres of land are devoted to plant science plot research, livestock grazing and forage research, with an additional 700 acres utilized for wildlife, forestry, and conservation management, demonstrations, and other educational activities.

The College Farm is also responsible for providing significant farm-grown feed for livestock used for teaching and research programs in the departments of dairy science and animal and poultry sciences.  Approximately 1,800 acres of land are allotted for producing corn silage and grain, alfalfa haylage and hay, barley grain, and grass/legume hay and pasture.

The College Farm employs one faculty member, 12 full-time salaried staff, and several part-time student employees periodically throughout the year.