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Cancellations due to COVID-19

List of events in which VCE will not participating in the immediate future:

3/2020 High School Equine Science Club Middleburg AREC
3/14/2020 Basic Beekeeping Workship Part 1 Eastern Shore AREC
3/14/2020 District Youth Stockmen's Contest Southwest Virginia AREC
3/15/2020 Virginia Nutrition and Dietetics Workshop Virginia Seafood AREC
3/18/2020 Seafood Council Virginia Seafood AREC
3/19/2020 Herbicide Resistance Workshop Eastern Shore AREC
3/21/2020 Basic Beekeeping Workshop Part 2 Eastern Shore AREC
4/14/2020 Aquaponics Meeting Virginia Seafood AREC
4/22/2020 Seafood HACCP Virginia Seafood AREC